Hydraulic breaker post driver

We have developed a range of hydraulic breaker post driver tools to suit all models and sizes of breakers.

When using a post driver you remove the normal breaker chisel and change it with a post driver accessory. Intended to drive an array of post types and sizes.

Exceptional hydraulic breaker post driver design

A new hydraulic breaker post driver is employed to hammer or push posts into the ground. Full control of the post is retained, whilst driving at a rate of 800 blows per minute. The hydraulic breaker post driver design permits you to drive and move the post straight - ensuring a job is finished accurately and to the correct standards.

The hydraulic breaker post driver is fantastic for farmers and/or fencing contractors.

Uses of a hydraulic breaker post driver:

  • Very effective for knocking posts (wooden or metal) into the ground.
  • Utilized to straighten and steer your posts.
  • Would certainly do away with back-breaking work and make it possible for you to set up fencing much quicker with much better efficiency.
Our hydraulic breaker post drivers are the best in the industry. They are designed with ergonomics in mind, which means our post drivers are easy to use - one person can knock a post within seconds.

Our hydraulic breaker post drivers are amazing for retaining health and safety. One of the reasons post drivers came to be was for safety: driving in posts had resulted in and continued to cause a great number of deaths and injuries because of risky operating procedures. Hydraulic breaker post drivers corrected this situation by keeping the operator well clear of a falling heavy weight.

Combined with improved health and safety - it speeds up the post knocking process by making it both simpler and even more accurate. There's nothing more cost effective and simpler to operate than Raw Plants Hydraulic breaker post drivers. Contact us today!
hydraulic breaker post driver
hydraulic breaker post driver

What our customers say about our post drivers

  • BJ contracting
    can reach into places others can't
    BJ contracting
  • CJ fencing and sheparding
    Weapon of fence construction!
    CJ fencing and sheparding
  • ELC contactors ltd
    the lads love it!
    ELC contactors ltd
  • Magnet builing services
    fantastic bit of kit
    Magnet builing services
  • Plant hire now
    lightweight and versitile
    Plant hire now