Hydraulic Breaker Maintenance


No matter who your hydraulic breaker is designed or manufactured by – they all do the same thing:

  • splitting
  • cracking or
  • shattering an object.

However, all of these tasks are rough on your hydraulic breaker. Wear and tear is guaranteed. As a result, you need to maintain it, so that your hydraulic breaker remains efficient and long-lasting.


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Each hydraulic breaker will have its limit. Once this limit is reached, it simply will not function as well as it once did. There is nothing that can be done to prevent this from happening.

However, you can improve its performance as well as its life cycle with a few simple, practical tips.

This can be done by maintaining it in a proper manner which includes these three ways:

  • Regular, routine maintenance
  • Refurbishment – Raw Plant can refurb your hydraulic breaker at dealer level quality with independent prices
  • Preventative maintenance features that are applied to the breaker itself.


Continue reading to find out some of the simple things that can be done to extend the life span of your hydraulic breaker(s).


Hydraulic breaker maintenance involves lubrication which prevents bushing and metal-to-metal contact, therefore, it reduces the chances of wear and tear arising as quickly. More so, lubrication reduces the exposure of the major components of the tool to damage. As a result, you need to know how to grease your equipment Properly.

Apply down pressure to the tool. This ensures that it is completely pushed into the breaker. This means there will be no chance for the grease to fill up to the chamber that is between the top of the equipment and the piston.

Apply grease until it fills up to the lower bushing area. This will mean that the breaker cavity is full enough. There should always be a grease film or a paste on the lower bushing. When either disappears, then it is time for you to lubricate it again.

Various manufacturers have lubricants or chisel pastes that are specifically made for their breakers, however Raw Plant sells their own grease – suitable for any and all makes of Hydraulic breakers.

Do not use cheap grease alternatives. They are a false economy and cheaper brands will result in you having to apply lubricant more frequently.

Bushes wear out and at times require replacing (check out our spare parts and tools by clicking here). it It is therefore important for you to measure the bushing diameter so as to monitor how regularly it wears off.


Hydraulic pressure features a nitrogen gas that needs to be maintained at all times. Due to heating and cooling that occurs to the equipment, there will be expansion and contraction. This will result in low gas pressure in the piston’s accumulator of the breaker.

Gas pressure is slightly different from lubrication since you will not have to check it all the time. More so, with a hydraulic breaker, there is nothing that can be visible enough to let you know that you should check the gas pressure.

Just observe the performance of the breaker. A massive decrease in the power output of the breaker suggests that the gas pressure is low.

Excavator and Hammer Pairing

Hydraulic flow and pressure should be considered when pairing a breaker with an excavator. If the excavator is unable to provide enough flow at the right pressure – the breaker simply will not perform as well, reducing productivity and it can damage your breaker.

For best results, follow the hydraulic breaker specifications found in owner’s manuals, catalogs, and brochures (or simply give us a call on: 0121 445 6526). We can also advise if a breaker has other systems that require regular maintenance. For instance, some breakers feature nitrogen gas assist systems that work with the hydraulic oil to accelerate the breaker’s piston. It’s important to maintain and fill the nitrogen reservoir as needed for consistent power output.


Regular breaker maintenance will extend the breaker’s life and keep minor inconveniences from turning into expensive problems. It’s a good idea to inspect breakers daily and check grease levels to make sure there are no worn or damaged parts or hydraulic leaks. Call us on 0121 445 6526 to find out about our excellent hydraulic breaker grease.

Although often classified as an attachment, a hydraulic breaker is a specialized piece of machinery. Like most products, many maintenance and operation issues can be handled correctly in the field. But even with proper care, a hydraulic breaker will require a periodic overhaul to replace all of its wear components.

Make Raw Plant your first port of call for hydraulic breaker repairs.