Hydraulic breaker post driver

RAW have designed a number of hydraulic breaker post driver tools to suit all models and sizes of breakers.

When you use a post driver you remove the standard breaker chisel and change it with a post driver accessory. Intended to drive an array of post types and sizes.

Our post drivers are incredibly robust and versatile. They’re fantastic for farmers, construction and anywhere that requires posts. Our post drivers are great value for money and engineered with precision.

RAW post driving hammers are also supplied with a point and chisel for rock breaking. Dual mounted, simply pop the bracket on the top mount if you have heavy breaking jobs. The lower side mount will also come off completely if required, simply undo the bolts.

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A new hydraulic breaker post driver is employed to hammer or push posts into the ground. Full control of the post is retained, whilst driving at a rate of 1200 blows per minute. The hydraulic breaker post driver design permits you to drive and move the post straight – ensuring a job is finished accurately and to the correct standards.

The hydraulic breaker post driver is fantastic for farmers and/or fencing contractors.

Mount our post driver to your hydraulic breaker and you’ll have the ultimate combination of motion, power and versatility.

From only £2200!


  • Excellent for knocking posts (wooden or metal) into the ground.
  • Dual mounting for a multi purpose tool.
  • Normal cup sizes are 4,6 and 8′ though we we do manufacture tools for the bigger hammers. 200 – 500 are our most popular models.
  • Supplied ready to work with a head bracket to suit, spare tool, hoses and quick release couplings.
  • Posts into the ground. Full control of the post is retained, whilst driving at a rate of up to 1200 blows per minute.
  • Utilised to straighten and steer your posts.
  • Would certainly remove back-breaking work and enable you to put in fencing much quicker with better efficiency.
  • They’re fantastic for farmers, steel erectors, construction and anywhere that requires posts.

Our hydraulic breaker post drivers are the best in the business. They have been created with ergonomics in mind, which means our post drivers are easy to use – one person can knock a post in seconds.

Available Chisels

Rammer Stems & Pads - for compacting loose ground.

Wide Chisels - for increased productivity in softer materials.
Tarmac Cutters - as Wide Chisels but with 90 degree orientation for cutting/trenching.

Blunts - for impact breaking, eg. secondary breaking and also scaling in mines and tunnels, etc.

Extra length points and chisels for reaching those harder places


Hammer Specification unit 200 300 400 500
Working Weight kg 130 200 280 420
Impact Rate bpm 700-1200 600-110 500-900 400-800
Operating Pressure bar 90-120 90-120 110-140 120-150
Relief Pressure bar 144-155 145-155 170-180 180-190
Oil Flow Range l/min 20-30 20-50 40-70 50-90
Tool Diameter mm 45 53 70 75
Pressure Line Size mm (in) 12 (1/2) 12 (1/2) 12 (1/2) 12 (1/2)
Return Line Size mm (in) 12 (1/2) 12 (1/2) 12 (1/2) 12 (1/2)
Carrier Weight ton 1.5-3 2.5-4.5 4-7 5.5-9

Our hydraulic breaker post drivers are fantastic for preserving health and safety.

Part of the reason post drivers were invented was for safety: pummeling in posts had resulted in and continued to result in way too many deaths and injuries due to unsafe operating procedures.

Hydraulic breaker post drivers amended this by keeping the operator well away from a plummeting heavy weight.

From only £2200!

Hydraulic Post Driver
Hydraulic Breaker Post Knocker

In addition to improved health and safety – it speeds up the post knocking process by making it both much simpler and even more accurate.

There is nothing more cost effective and simpler to utilise than Raw Plants Hydraulic breaker post drivers.

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From only £2200!

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