Hydraulic breaker regassing

If your hydraulic breaker or hammer is not behaving as it should it could be down to the gas pressure. When your breaker is working fine and well, the hoses gently vibrate. However, if the gas pressure has been lost, the hoses (especially the feed hose), will vibrate and flap violently. If this sounds common, then your breaker should be checked for gas. This is where RAW Plant Services comes in. We offer the permier hydraulic breaker regassing services available.

We can re-gas all machine mounted hydraulic breakers. Back head types can be recharged whilst you wait at our workshop or on site.

Hydraulic breakers work using hydraulic pressure to lift the piston against gas pressure situated either in an accumulator or gas back head. Nitrogen gas is used as it’s inert. If you’re wondering whether you have an accumulator or back head please see below.

Accumulator type

This type requires a rubber membrane to split the gas and hydraulic fluid.

Back head type

A piston slides through a series of seals, both hydraulic and gas. 

hydraulic breaker regassing

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