Hydraulic breaker servicing

Servicing hydraulic breakers throughout the UK!
A hydraulic breaker is a self destructive piece of equipment. You have 2 pieces of metal smashing into each other up to 1500 blows a minute. Servicing your hammer will prolong the life of these components and your breaker.

Servicing your hammer can be much more cost effective than having your hammer repaired whilst having the security of using your breaker with the knowledge RAW has been to work on your hammer.

If you can get your finger tips between your lower bush and tool or leaks oil a service is generally required.

Shortly after arrival, your breaker is fully inspected by our trained technicians. The tool will be removed to check the piston strike face, inspect the bushings and tool retainers whilst looking for any oil leakage and cracks to your front head. If we deem your hammer not viable to service/repair we will contact you before any more work is undertaken. We will then strip your hammer and send pictures and a detailed estimate of parts ( including availability ) for your approval. Servicing your breaker can include your lower bush, upper bush (depending on wear), seal kit, membrane, pipes and tool. Your piston strike face can also be ground flat and any scoring polished with our lathe.

You can help extend your hammers life by supplying it with sufficient amounts of grease and periodically checking the overall condition of the hammer including the hoses and couplings.

An example of one of our services. A Montabert SC16. We replaced the bushing, seals, membrane, silver clip and fitted a new tool. (on the fork lift) A Atlas Copco SB 102. We replaced the seals and membrane.

Due to our expertise we offer our services for the following breakers.

PLUS many more.