Tool selector guide

Correct selection of tools is the first step in obtaining maximum life from the product.

Conical Point - for general demolition work where penetrative breaking is required.

Wide Chisels - for increased productivity in softer materials.
Tarmac Cutters - as Wide Chisels but with 90 degree orientation for cutting/trenching.

Pyramid Points - for use where increased breakout forces are required

Royal Guard - for driving in rail guards.

X Type Point - for use in soft or high dust operations.

Blunts - for impact breaking, eg. secondary breaking and also scaling in mines and tunnels, etc.

Power Point - tool with hard core for use in very hard and abrasive conditions.

Upset Blunt - Blunt with increased diameter at working end to give increased life and wear resistance.

Chisels - as for Points but also where a cutting action is required, eg. trenching and benching

Note: Chisels give higher wear rates and stress levels in the retainer flat areas of the tool.

Rammer Stems & Pads - for compacting loose ground.

Grooved Chisel - for use in soft or high dust operations.

Driving Tool - for driving in posts, pipes etc

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